PVC Film For Furniture PRODUCT

Decorative PVC film is a coiled material (polymer film) designed to refine surfaces of various kinds. The main type of polymer films used for facing is fines made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Such film can be applied for finishing of all kinds of furniture. With the help of special equipment this film can be used for facing of smooth surfaces as panels (PVC and MDF), wood chipboards (MDF and wood chipboards), window sills as well as for relief (paneled) surfaces such as furniture faces, door panels, floor moldings. Thanks to a great variety of colours, textures and embossing PVC films allow imitating genuine wood, marble, stone, etc. on the surface of the facing material, and not only to the sight but by touch as well. Apart from being beautiful it’s practical, durable and inexpensive.
Present-day customers show interest towards furniture with absolutely glazed surface. Such furniture finishing type provides ample opportunities for designers and is able to transform any interior design. Furniture faces with such finishing can be received only by using polyethylene terephthalate films (PET films) for membrane-vacuum and vacuum molding. Due to their properties PET films can often disguise some drawbacks of wood fibreboards making the surface seem smoother. The best result at manufacture of such faces is reached through using new polyurethane adhesives with low activation temperature.