PVC Film For Furniture COMPANY

The ORTOchem company was founded in 2003 as one of the subdivisions of the ORTO holding. Since foundation the priority activity type has been sale of heat transfer film manufactured in Russia and abroad for decoration of moldings made of PVC. For the period of its work the ORTOkhim company has achieved a lot in this field by offering its customers the optimal price/quality ratio, wide assortment of products including exclusive design collections and convenient storage program.
Our partners are the companies interested in fundamental improvement of appearance of produced goods. These are the largest manufacturers of moldings made of PVC (plastic panels, lining, floor molding, multipurpose angle, screens for bath tubs, furniture edge) in many regions of Russia such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Rostov region, Krasnodarsky Territory, etc.; and since the beginning of 2005 the ORTOchem company has been actively cooperating with the manufacturers from near-abroad countries – Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States.
Today the ORTOchem company keeps developing its business activity in various spheres. Thus, at the beginning of 2005 the company launched execution of new projects on sale of decoration materials:
Production enterprise ORTO® - manufacture of laid-on moldings
ORTO-ENGINEERING® - delivery and adjustment of extrusion lines equipment for manufacture of wall panels and tools
ORTO-CHEM® - sale of decorative coatings for wall panels and plastic goods
The ORTO-CENTRE® Trading House – sale of finishing material through a network of branches and retail shops.
ORTOGRAPH - manufacture of wall panels with advertisement