Heat Transfer Film PRODUCT

Thermal Transfer Slick

The heat transfer technology is a unique way of PVC moldings decoration. The heat transfer technology is a method of transfer of a picture to the object’s surface on exposure to temperature.



The heat transfer technology allows decorating of such PVC moldings as wall panels, lining, multipurpose angle, screens for bath tubs, furniture edge, floor molding.

The heat transfer technology in extrusion-type manufacture of PVC moldings is applied through the OTR installation having several modifications for various types of produced goods (in our case OTR-300 for manufacture of a wall panel with 0.25 m width).
The installment can work separately (outside the extrusion line) and constantly (built into the extrusion line) as it is shown on the photo.
          All adjustments are regulated from the control console.

The heat transfer process contains several stages (several units).

Film unreeling and tensioning unit. A film reel is installed onto the frame. The frame is equipped with special plates for quick mounting, hold-down and fixation of the film roll for heat transfer.

Glue application unit. Glue should be used to ensure adhesion of the film surface and the panel surface. A metallic axle is installed on the frame above the glue tank. The metallic axle is dampened by the glue from the tank, then the scraper blade wipes the glue excess from the metallic axle. The rubber axle fixes hold-down of the film to the metallic axle for even glue application.

Then the film is moved to the heat transfer unit.


Heat transfer unit.


        The colour image is transferred from the film to the object’s surface by the heated rubber thermo-axle with hold-down tool. This thermo-axle enables transfer of the colour and varnish layers from the fine to the covered surface.


After that the guillotine cuts the profiled goods into pieces of specific length.
  The products are further transferred to the ready table.
  The transparent base is taken off from the object’s surface.
  The objects are completed, packed and ready for sale
The heat transfer technology is a unique way of PVC moldings decoration. It allows transferring of designs of any difficulty and colour. Using the heat transfer technology in PVC moldings manufacture you can create more than 350 desgins offered by the ORTOchem company as well as your own design or design collection (is advantageous at industrial volumes of one design issue). Any picture may become your exclusive design: fantasy picture, imitation of genuine materials (stone, wood, fabric), any recurrent picture, photos and many others. You can see the catalogue of designs, which are already being manufactured, as well as order development of an exclusive design in the office of the ORTOchem company.