Heat Transfer Film PRODUCT

Heat transfer film is the material for decoration of moldings made of PVC: wall and ceiling panels, lining, screens for bath tubs, etc.
Heat transfer film allows transforming simple white articles into beautiful finishing materials of pastel or bright colors. It can imitate genuine materials (stone, wood, leather); have fantasy pictures, acts of nature, geometric patterns. All these designs can be found in the Heat transfer film catalogue of the ORTOchem company, which includes more than 350 items.
Apart from that, new design collections are being produced on an annual basis; the themes of such collections are brand new textures previously unknown to the buyers of plastic articles: floral theme together with geometric patterns, elegant muted fabrics, kitchen-theme textures and many others. (For convenience of manufacturers the ORTOchem company has developed interior designs using the innovations and some basic heat transfer film designs).
Everything mentioned above enables the manufacturers of PVC-molding, plastic panels in particular, significantly increase their product range, permanently enrich the assortment with the latest offers and leave the competitors well behind.
Moreover, the heat transfer technology requires relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use equipment, which is an additional advantage of this technology before other means of plastic materials decoration.